Monthly Archives: March 2013

I’ve been live-blogging life in this post-sequestration era, but forgot to post it here

So here’s a quick recap:

Surviving the Sequester – Day 1: All government offices are closed. How long will this last?

(Apparently Day 2 was eliminated as part of the sequester)

Surviving the Sequester – Day 3: Government is still shut down. Also, we apparently can’t afford freezing temperatures anymore so the lovely snowfall has been replaced with cut-rate rain.

Surviving the Sequester – Day 4: I discovered lots of yellow snow in the backyard, which I assume is due to deer no longer having access to public lands due to the massive 2% cutbacks.

Surviving the Sequester – Day 5: Doing better than Hugo Chavez. The old and the sick suffer the most in these days of arbitrary, painful spending cuts.

Also, this: