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Every boy should own a knife

Not just boys; everybody needs a knife!

Every man should own a knife. And every man should receive his first knife when he is a young boy. At this moment, I can hear every man saying, “darn right!” I can also hear every woman screaming?!? Women (not every woman) tend to freak out over knives (story below). But knives are simply tools. TOOLS! Let me say that again, a knife is a TOOL!

Side story – A few weeks back I pulled out my Boker to open up a box that was taped up. The four women teachers around me freaked out and all backed up like I was about to stab them in the neck or something. After pressing them, 3 of the 4 admitted that their husbands carry a knife too. Their response is just typical of how we have vilified TOOLS. TOOLS PEOPLE! IMPORTANT TOOLS!

The thing to remember is that with everything (and I mean everything), boys need to be taught about knives and how to use them appropriately. But handing a kid a knife also provides a parent with the opportunity to teach responsibility, respect and sets them on the road for what they are hardwired for, being a man!

via Every boy should own a knife | Ed That Matters.

When they came for the lightbulbs, I didn’t speak up because it was still daytime

Karen De Coster writes on the oddly-specific totalitarianism of mandating what sort of light bulbs Americans may purchase, and how submissive the muddled masses are:

Indeed, it is a strange world where the statist mentality of the masses has become so deeply embedded that a person cannot comprehend that unique individuals have unique preferences, and therefore, their choices are distinct. How is it possible that Americans – who are so blessed to have once been given a shot at bona fide freedom – have become so uniquely adapted to being unconditionally compliant and living in chains as slaves, while being ungrudgingly subservient to a massive government-corporatocracy-special interest complex that erodes their freedoms almost daily, while enabling the elite overlords who control and rule over them for power and profit?

Freedom isn’t free! Sometimes you have to stock up on it.

via We Should Do What the Government Says Is Good for Us by Karen De Coster.

I’m going to have a look in Amazon’s Kindle library to see how many of these are available for free

Wondermark Presents » A Brief Survey of Victorian Science Fiction.

Over the course of the Victorian and Edwardian science-fiction panel, about 50 books and short stories were mentioned or discussed. It’s not possible to reproduce all the discussion here, but the list makes a fair starting point for those who may be looking for a general introduction to the science-fiction of the period.