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Everyday Preps by Eric Peters

Via Everyday Preps | Eric Peters Autos, a shortish list of things to make sure you’ve hoarded for emergency times:

When people talk about “preps” they’re usually talking about things like ammunition and food – both of which, obviously, are good things to keep handy in the event the SHTF. But, it’ll also be good to keep your teeth – otherwise you’ll have trouble eating that food – and the ammunition you use to down those deer won’t do you much good without a blender.

And a straw.

Not only that. An abscess can be just as lethal (only slower and more painful) than a gunshot wound. There is strong scientific evidence that a correlation exists between tooth decay/bacteria in one’s mouth and other, more serious ailments. Dentists will not be easy to find in a SHTF scenario, so avoiding – or at least, putting off – the need to find one in a SHTF scenario is arguably just as important as having sufficient food and ammo.

So, buy toothpaste.

And floss. And extra toothbrushes.

I buy a bulk pack of my favorite floss every time I go to Sam’s Club, but I think we need more toothpaste, toilet paper, and certain other necessities.

Road Trip – 1936

For some reason, I really like this picture.  It’s a family in Montana, having left their home in North Dakota due to droughts, on their way to Oregon or Washington.

Maybe it’s the way the kids are just living through an experience, the boy with the injured arm getting a drink from his dad, the baby on his mom’s lap, and all the rest just sitting around, waiting for the trip to resume.

Rest Stop: 1936 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive.