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Schneier on Security: Possibly the Most Incompetent TSA Story Yet

No comment needed:

The storyline:

TSA screener finds two pipes in passenger’s bags.

Screener determines that they’re not a threat.

Screener confiscates them anyway, because of their “material and appearance.”

Because they’re not actually a threat, screener leaves them at the checkpoint.

Everyone forgets about them.

Six hours later, the next shift of TSA screeners notices the pipes and — not being able to explain how they got there and, presumably, because of their “material and appearance” — calls the police bomb squad to remove the pipes.

TSA does not evacuate the airport, or even close the checkpoint, because — well, we don’t know why.

via Schneier on Security: Possibly the Most Incompetent TSA Story Yet.

But I’ll say it anyway: security theater that makes no one safer, but only gets us used to government abuse.

Yet another great time to buy silver and gold

Because your cash will be worth 18% less in 10 years, and gold will be worth at least 18% more.

Nothing else can guarantee that rate of return.

For years, it was an unwritten rule. As of yesterday, it’s official policy: The dollars in your wallet are destined to lose at least 18% of their purchasing power during the next 10 years.

Lost in the noise of countless Federal Reserve announcements yesterday was a formal target of 2% annual inflation.

Actually, it’s worse than 18% over 10 years. For the Fed’s favored measure of inflation is not the heavily gamed consumer price index — CPI — or the even-more-gamed “core” CPI that assumes your cost of living isn’t really affected by food and energy.

After all, CPI is currently running 3.0% year over year. Whoops, too high. Core CPI is 2.2%. Still too high.

The Fed prefers something called “core personal consumption expenditures.”

That number is currently running 1.7%.

Voila! Applying the logic only central bankers are capable of divining, there’s not enough inflation!

via Government-Guaranteed Losses | 5 Min. Forecast.

Yet another car-kit reminder

If you happen to go off the road and get stuck in a ditch, how long could you live in your car before you get out and walk up the street for help?

CASSIA COUNTY — The Cassia County undersheriff says it’s one of the more bizarre cases they’ve ever investigated. A Texas woman lost her way and ended up stuck in a dairy drainage pond for about five days.


Keesler ate Peanut Butter M&M’s and drank bottled water for an estimated five days.

via Texas woman stranded for five days in Idaho wastewater pond | KTVB.COM Boise.

How do you know when a politician is lying?

And what do you know, his lips were moving!

State of the Union 2012 – YouTube.

First: a pack of bald-faced lies about corporate taxes: Fact Checking the SOTU: Corporate Taxes | Cato @ Liberty.

On saving the auto industry unions: The President’s Heroics and Other Tall Tales about the Auto Industry | Cato @ Liberty.

And on his stupid assertion that the Senate should vote on nominations within 90 days, just weeks after he bypassed the Senate entirely with his pseudo-“recess” appointment of some schmuck to an unconstitutional office: Was Obama Even Paying Attention during His Time in the Senate? | Cato @ Liberty.