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Cupcake Deemed ‘Security Threat,’ Confiscated By TSA

TSA agents are quickly acclimating to the standard government practice of “nothing is too ridiculous to not be imposed on the public.”  Although given the circumstances, I hesitate to use the word “judgement,” but government rewards judgement calls that err on the side of oppression.

via Cupcake Deemed ‘Security Threat,’ Confiscated By TSA – Boston News Story – WCVB Boston:

Rebecca Hains says she was going through security at the airport in Las Vegas when a TSA agent pulled her aside and said the cupcake frosting was “gel-like” enough to constitute a security risk.

Now, that agent has no idea whatsoever what bombs, explosive gels, or even terrorists look like, but the agent does know that liquids in non-approved containers are prohibited, and that gels are dangerous.

So then, it’s only a matter of determining how gellish it is to risk losing an airplane, and it’s better to be the one who made a woman toss her cupcake than to be the agent who let a cupcake blow a plane out of the sky.

And the TSA is still just getting warmed up!

Electionwatch: 2012

Item The First:
via » It’s the Math, Stupid!: Seven Devastating Facts About 2012 – Big Government.

As we enter 2012, the presidential candidates would do well to wrap their minds and messages around these seven mathematical facts:

  1. Every day, the U.S. government takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion. This means that every day the federal government spends $4 billion more dollars than it has.
  2. The real unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 11 percent.
  3. Every fifth man you pass on your way to work is now out of work.
  4. College graduates are now 34% less likely to find a job under Obama than they were under President George W. Bush.
  5. Every seventh person you pass on the sidewalk now relies on food stamps.
  6. The ravages of the Obama economy now mean that more Americans live under the federal poverty line than at any time in U.S. history since records have been kept.
  7. Under President Barack Obama, every fifth child in America now lives in poverty.

Item The Second:
via A Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ Proposals to Cut Spending | Cato @ Liberty.

Ron Paul

Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” would eliminate the departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing & Urban Development, and Interior. Numerous agencies and programs would be eliminated or cut.

Paul supports allowing younger people to opt-out of Social Security and Medicare. Medicaid and other mandatory programs like food stamps would be block-granted to the states. Funding would be cut and froze. Further elaboration on his ideas for Social Security and Medicare would be helpful.

Paul proposes to end all foreign aid. Military spending cuts would be achieved by bringing troops home from overseas and pursuing a non-interventionist foreign policy.

When it comes to proposing specific spending cuts and identifying the dollars amounts, Paul’s website is unrivaled. He is the only candidate to put together an actual budget proposal. Paul’s spending proposals would amount to the largest reduction in the size and scope of the federal government of any candidate.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who actually gives concrete fixes for the nation’s problems, which are entirely caused by too much government.

None of the other candidates want to actually eliminate or reduce anything; they’d much rather talk about making painful decisions and complain about Democrats holding up the process.

Stranded student survives 10 days in her Toyota Corolla

Another gentle reminder to keep an emergency kit of some sort in your car.

Despite having nothing but two candy bars, she was smart to remain in her car.  It’s the only place she’s guaranteed shelter and warmth.

A 23-year-old Arizona State University student was found with her Toyota Corolla on a remote dirt road in northeastern Arizona after being stranded in the snow for 10 days, authorities said.

She told a deputy that she had survived on candy bars and melted snow water.


Weather forecasters and authorities said her survival was remarkable, given she had no heavy coat or blankets and was stuck in an area with more than 2 feet of snow on the ground and temperatures that dipped near zero as a heavy storm front moved through. Blair said Weinberg had a cellphone but the battery was dead.

via Stranded student survives 10 days in her Toyota Corolla.