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Monster Hunter Nation on Russian Emotions

I just started reading Monster Hunter Alpha, and was amused to see that Larry had worked his Three Russian Emotions quote into the book:

1. Men don’t cry, they scream, as Ivan (played by Mickey Rourke) does when his dad dies. Not only am I a wise Latino, I am also a writer. Trust me lady, nobody wants a weepy pansy villain. Plus, Ivan was a RUSSIAN. Badass Russians only have three emotions: Revenge, depression, and vodka.

(Language warning) via Ms. Magazine vs. Iron Man 2 « Monster Hunter Nation.

4 Personal Finance Principles That Would Make Your Grandfather Proud

Our grandfather’s generation wasn’t perfect. They had their own set of flaws and weaknesses.

But they got a lot of things right. And one of those things is how to handle your finances.

Grandpa learned his financial lessons from the school of hard knocks. He lived through the Great Depression, which taught him to live leanly, to save, and to be grateful for what he had. And he lived in a time where staying out of debt was a matter of independence, pride, and self-reliance, something he believed reflected on a man’s most precious resource–his character.

We’ve unfortunately forgotten many of Grandpa’s lessons on finance. But they’re just as true as they ever were. So today let’s dust them off and re-discover these tried and true principles.

Read all four lessons, they are good points to remember and prioritize:

via 4 Personal Finance Principles That Would Make Your Grandfather Proud | The Art of Manliness.

Private Insurance Is More Efficient than Medicare–By Far | Cato @ Liberty

This is a semi-long article, but well worth the read, detailing some of the cost and efficiency differences between private and public healthcare providers.  For instance, some people argue that government healthcare is cheaper because it does absolutely nothing to control cost or eliminate fraud, but the up-front savings in administrative costs are more than canceled out by all the fraud and waste in public healthcare.

Posted by Michael F. Cannon

Diane Archer has a post at the Health Affairs blog arguing that Medicare is more efficient than private insurance. One can only reach such a conclusion through such sleights of hand as conflating spending with cost, and by ignoring most of Medicare’s administrative costs.

As a pre-buttal, I offer this excerpt from a paper I wrote about a “public option” (emphases generally added and citations omitted):

Private Insurance Is More Efficient than Medicare–By Far | Cato @ Liberty.