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Let Teachers Tantrum … Then Fire Them

The libertarian prescription for our educational mess can, then, be summed up simply: Get the government out of the educational process. The government has attempted to indoctrinate and mould the nation’s youth through the public school system, and to mould the future leaders through State operation and control of higher education. Abolition of compulsory attendance laws would end the schools’ role as prison custodians of the nation’s youth, and would free all those better off outside the schools for independence and for productive work. The abolition of the public schools would end the crippling property tax burden and provide a vast range of education to satisfy all the freely exercised needs and demands of our diverse and varied population. The abolition of government schooling would end the unjust coerced subsidy granted to large families, and, often, toward the upper classes and against the poor. The miasma of government, of moulding the youth of America in the direction of the State, would be replaced by freely chosen and voluntary actions – in short, by a genuine and truly free education, both in and out of formal schools.

I’m all for ending property taxes.  I hate having to lease my house, in perpetuity, from the schools I refuse to send my children to.

via Let Teachers Tantrum … Then Fire Them by Linda Schrock Taylor.

The Other Captive Nations

Well said, Mr. Rockwell:

One of the great shocks that has greeted Americans this year has been to discover, perhaps for the first time, that the US has long been running its own bloc of satellite dictatorships in many parts of the world. Just as the Soviet Union had its “captive nations,” so too the US has its own collection of valiant allies who are as wicked and oppressive toward their own peoples as the communist dictators of old.

Americans discovered this only recently due to the massive wave of protests all over the Arab world. Libya is one example. But there is also Egypt and Tunisia, plus Bahrain, Yemen, Jordon, and Morocco, Dijbouti, and other states, perhaps Saudi Arabia and the UAE too. In each case, a government in the pay and control of the US is facing a population sick of the human rights violations, the oppression, the economic backwardness, the injustice and the attacks on free speech and freedom of movement.

There is a tendency in the US to chalk the entire revolution up to a kind of anti-Americanism or to Muslim fundamentalism, though there is precious little evidence of that at all. If you listen to the speeches and hear the voices of the young, what you hear are the ideas of 1776. It is the language of universal human rights – the very American creed.

The bitter irony for most Americans is the very discovery that our own government has long presided over a collection of client states so cruel and closed that people have no choice but to pour out into the streets en masse, risking life and limb to get rid of pharaoh.

It is a fact: these people hate the tyrants. It is also a fact that these are “our” tyrants. The very existence exposes the gross hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

God bless these protesters. They are losing their chains. They are changing the Arab world – and the whole globe – by destabilizing and overthrowing the dictators. They are not only doing it without US help. They are doing it despite US support for the dictators they oppose. As such, these revolutions can mean more than the overthrow of despots; they can end in overthrowing the despotic policy and empire headquartered in Washington, DC. Want to join me in the streets?

via The Other Captive Nations by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr..

US Education: Show Us the Money!

Bill Walker wrote a nifty little essay on how the US spends the most on public education, with some of the worst results.  If you don’t like numbers, I’ll skip to the end for you:

Of course the moral and practical solution is to leave education to the free market. Parents would pay for their own children, voluntary charity would pick up for the children of the unlucky or improvident few. There would be as many educational options as there are children.

But the debate today is framed by the Department of Education and the teachers’ unions. They constantly shriek that “education needs more money.” Fine. As a first step, let’s just agree with them. Education does need more money… and the only way to get more money for actual education is to give it to the parents, not the bureaucracy. Let the NEA explain why it’s OK for politicians’ (and NEA members’) children to go to private schools, but the children of working people have to go to some of the lowest-quality public schools in the developed world….

And pay more for it.

via US Education: Show Us the Money! by Bill Walker.

TSA Agents Charged With Grand Larceny

Just as the TSA routinely violates the human dignity and constitutional rights of the American people against unreasonable searches and seizures — as its invasive procedures cause numerous psychological traumas to those whose most intimate body parts are manhandled by its agents — it also has no regard for what John Locke and the Framers considered among the chief natural rights of the human person: the fundamental right to private property, as evident in what can only be described as an epidemic of theft and corruption among its agents.

The great philosopher John Locke’s theory of Natural Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property which provides the theoretical basis for the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee that government cannot justly violate these rights, clearly has fallen by the wayside, as the TSA’s actions demonstrate a disregard for all three natural rights. Locke, who believed that government exists solely for the purpose of promoting and protecting these principles, would have found it unconscionable that a government agency which functions only through taxpayer funds would actively deprive innocent Americans of the right to travel by airplane unmolested in their persons and property.

In response to the latest instance of theft committed by TSA agents, the agency issued a statement saying: “the disgraceful actions of a few should not reflect negatively on the approximately 50,000 TSA officers across the country who work each day to keep the traveling public safe.” The statement also said: “The agency is working closely with law enforcement authorities to ensure the individuals responsible are prosecuted and we will move swiftly and decisively to end the federal careers of any employee who engages in illegal activity on the job.”

Reportedly, the statement did not intend any irony when claiming that the 50,000 TSA agents do anything whatsoever to keep the traveling public safe.

Perhaps it’s true that not all TSA agents are bad… it’s just the 90% that give the rest a bad name.  But what do you expect when you create an unconstitutional agency and staff it up with the sort of people willing to trample the dignity and rights of their fellow human beings?

Follow the link for numerous examples of The Stealing Agents pilfering from and abusing unsuspecting travelers.

via TSA Agents Charged With Grand Larceny.