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Hoplophobia is Curable

It is said that a liberal is someone who hasn’t yet had a need to defend themselves.

Willis, happily, had a brush with reality which turned into a wake-up call. She was being stalked by a man who expressed his interest in her through a series of phone calls, emails, and gifts sent to her in the mail. In one of the more recent emails the stalker mentioned knowing about a trip she took recently which she had told no one about, and that’s when an LEO (law enforcement officer) who responded to her call suggested that she purchase and learn to use a handgun for self-defense. Oregon is a “shall-issue” state which means that a concealed weapons permit or license to carry concealed must be issued if the applicant meets certain criteria under the law. The LEO reassured Willis: “Getting a concealed carry permit isn’t hard. And they make ladies’ purses with concealed weapons compartments.”

Willis wrote of her change of mind about carrying. She said, “I believe in compassion and peace … the very idea of a gun was a compromise of my principles.” Her boyfriend provided the incentive when he asked her: “Which would you prefer, compromising your principles or getting abducted by Crazy Man?”

She finally “got it.” She applied for her CCW and now carries for self-defense. She put it aptly: “I can still be the compassionate, diplomatic, interfaith groovy gal I’ve always been; I’ll just be packing heat in case negotiations tank.”

via Hoplophobia is Curable.

One Man Against the Surveillance State

For example, one mother shared that her 17-year-old daughter was subjected to a full pat-down when flying from Boston Logan due to the new scanner malfunctioning. “Even when she began to cry, the TSA agent continued the pat down. My daughter felt molested and humiliated and as a parent I was helpless to stop this violation. These measures are not making it safer to fly. They are just arbitrary measures being done to make us believe it is safer; at the same time, it is taking advantage of law abiding citizens.”

I think it is very much time to start advising the TSA’s Joy Division about the Nuremberg Defense.

I how quickly I’d get arrested if I passed out flyers at the airport listing the illegalities of looking at people naked against their will, looking at naked children, and molesting people in public, and that “I was following orders” does not relieve a person of his responsibility to follow the law.

via Michael Roberts: One Man Against the Surveillance State by John W. Whitehead.

Brass Oldies by Thomas Sowell

Classic songs from years past are sometimes referred to as “golden oldies.” There are political fallacies that have been around for a long time as well. These might be called brass oldies. It certainly takes a lot of brass to keep repeating fallacies that were refuted long ago.

One of these brass oldies is a phrase that has been a perennial favorite of the left, “tax cuts for the rich.” How long ago was this refuted? More than 80 years ago, the “tax cuts for the rich” argument was refuted, both in theory and in practice, by Andrew Mellon, who was Secretary of the Treasury in the 1920s.

Sowell then explains how decreasing taxes increases tax revenue, because people then have more money to spend and invest, which increases production and productivity, boosting the economy, and revenue overall.

He then explains how government cannot “create jobs” and can only ever accomplish the opposite, unless it just plain gets out of the job business, and then he explains how the “wall of separation” between church and state does not actually exist in the Constitution nor its amendments, despite the constant bleating to the contrary by the professional left.

Read it all!

via Brass Oldies by Thomas Sowell.

Oppose the porno-scanners. Write a letter but not to Washington.

I enjoy reading Claire Wolfe’s column on freedom and Constitutional issues in S.W.A.T. magazine, and stumbled across this one on

Oppose the porno-scanners. Write a letter but not to Washington.

I have a friend — very non-political — who loves to travel. But even she, who basically trusts government to do the right thing, was nervous about the porno-scanners now being deployed for the benefit of the security industry and peeping Toms in the TSA.

She recommends writing Disneyland or Disneyworld to tell them you cannot come visit while Molest-O-Vision and Government Groping are going on at the airports.

Sounds like a good start, but I’d also write a letter or two to local State representatives, saying the same thing.

And if you do fly, stand up for your rights, and remind the government agents that the Nuremberg Doctrine means that our Constitutional rights are not “irrelevant.”

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Sunday Quote

I want to print this one up and post it all over the local university:

What is unsatisfactory with present-day academic conditions — not only in this country but in most foreign nations– is not the fact that many teachers are blindly committed to Veblenian, Marxian and Keynesian fallacies, and try to convince their students that no tenable objections can be raised against what they call progressive policies.  The mischief is rather to be seen in the fact that the statements of these teachers are not challenged by any criticism in the academic sphere.  The pseudo-liberals monopolize the teaching jobs at many universities.  Only men who agree with them are appointed as teachers and instructors of the social sciences, and only textbooks supporting their ideas are used.  The essential question is not how to get rid of inept teachers and poor textbook.  It is how to give the students an opportunity to hear something about the ideas of economists rejecting the tenets of the interventionists, inflationists, Socialists, and Communists.

-Ludwig Von Mises, Planning for Freedom, p 152.