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Why Are Climategate Charlatans Still Free? by Alan Caruba

It would be nice to see the scammers who’ve been pushing global warming put on trial in Congress, and all the legislation they’ve had pushed upon us, undone.

As this is being written the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to assert authority to control carbon dioxide emissions despite evidence of a global fraud and mountains of scientific data that indicate CO2 plays no role in a fraudulent “global warming.” All utilities, industries and businesses in America generate CO2 in the normal course of producing or using electricity for manufacturing and countless other uses.

The prospect of Republicans gaining control of Congress, likely in the House of Representatives, if not the Senate, suggests that, despite having been cleared by Penn State, Michael Mann will face an investigation. Rep. Darrell Issa R-CA, the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has made it known that a probe of the Climategate scandal will be at the top of his environmental agenda.

The funding at issue was public funding, the taxes paid by Americans and in England by its citizens. It will never be repaid, but the public has a right to know if its taxes underwrote a global hoax, a fraud primarily perpetrated by the United Nations and countless other parties seeking to create a market for “carbon credits” to be bought and sold on various exchanges.

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More Death By Government

MSNBC says 48 children have died this year from being trapped or left inside hot vehicles. Which is extremely sad, but then they unleash this revelation:

Such deaths have spiked since the 1990s, when laws began requiring that infants be strapped into rear-facing car seats in the back seats of vehicles to avoid air-bag injuries. Fennell said more than 40 percent of the children who died this way are less than a year old.

So first, government mandates that small children be put in carseats.  This kills kids, so they make a new mandate that car-seats be installed backwards.  Then government goes on an air-bag power-trip, and makes air-bags mandatory.  But then the air-bags start killing people, and squashing kids in their car-seats.

So then, the regulators mandate that air-bags be turn-off-able in all vehicles without a back seat, but that if there is a back seat, the child must be put back there… where they die after being left behind in the car.

Which leads me back to the rhetorical question: Can government do anything that doesn’t have the side-effect of killing people?

But, of course, Fennell suggests that the answer is more regulation:

Fennell and others recommend putting a cell phone, purse, briefcase or other item beside the car seat as a way of forcing the driver to remember there is a child in the vehicle. Her group and others have also been calling for regulations requiring automobile manufacturers to install alarms that would tell them when a child was left behind.

Some motorcyclists use a cord of some kind to remind themselves to remove their disk lock before coming to an abrupt halt — perhaps the government could require drivers to chain themselves to their children in the back of the car?

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One Recession Ends, Another Begins | 5 Min. Forecast

Ironically admitting that either no one in government is an economist, or that Keynesians are not real economists, Alan Greenspan says:

“We are now at a state where,” Alan Greenspan said Friday, sounding almost lucid, “excluding World War II, we are in the worst shape of relationship between borrowing capacity and debt, I suspect, since 1791…

“We don’t know at this stage why or how the markets respond to this sort of — this type of event. And I think we’re taking a very high risk… In 1979, for example, everyone expected, yes, we have a little inflation, but there is not going to be a real problem.

“Within a very short time, the bond markets broke. Interest rates went up sharply. Mortgage rates went up sharply. The economy went into a real serious depression. And my basic — I said ‘depression.’ I meant recession.

“My problem, basically, is that economists can’t make these forecasts.”

Austrian economists — real economists — knew this was going to happen.  Pretty much the entire time Alan Greenspan was head of the Federal Reserve and actively wrecking the economy, they predicted what would happen as a result of his bone-headed, destructive policies.

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KNIFE TRICKS: 10 Brief Responses To 700 Comments About Refusing To Answer Questions At Passport Control

An excellent follow-up article by Paul Karl about his remaining silent when interrogated by CBP agents at an airport:

This is principally about the right to silence. CBP officers are law enforcement (pictured), who can detain you, arrest you and testify against you in criminal court. You place yourself in jeopardy every time you speak to them about anything.

CBP officers are not your friends. CBP officers treat returning U.S. citizens as potential criminal defendants. You should likewise treat them as if they were corrupt cops on a power trip, targeting you to goose their arrest statistics. The best way to protect yourself against their depredations is to refuse to speak to them or to answer their questions.

via KNIFE TRICKS: 10 Brief Responses To 700 Comments About Refusing To Answer Questions At Passport Control.

Is that the best shape for that?

A link on James‘ blog sent me over to Guns & Coffee: Meat on the Gun, where I saw this picture:

I couldn’t help but stare at that contorted right hand and wonder if that was actually the best shape for the grip down there.

The AR-15 uses a standard pistol grip, which works great when you hold a pistol at arm’s length:

But it doesn’t look all that comfortable when employed on a rifle about a foot from one’s shoulder.  Perhaps it’s time to design a new, straight down grip, or even one that juts slightly forward?  Maybe I’ll make a million bucks with my new design!