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Brands like Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and Triumph haven’t slowed the launching of new models, and this forging ahead in the midst of a storm has resulted in gains of market share. It’s also provided us with several interesting new bikes to ride. Perhaps most interesting of all are the bikes in the paradigm-shifting electric motorcycle movement that’s rapidly gathering momentum. Progress in this category will come quickly as new technology takes great leaps forward.

Although the two-wheel market isn’t what it once was, this is nevertheless a fascinating era in the evolution of motorcycling. The best motorcycles and machinery of 2010 are seen below.

Seems like every other winning bike is a BMW, but even so, I wouldn’t mind giving the F800GS a try.

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London 2012 Games to use Laser Guns for Pentathlon

News from the place where England used to be:

The BBC reports that the Pentathlon event will replace air pistols with laser guns.

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What are they going to use for targets, PowerPoint presentations?

Unless the lasers make things explode, it doesn’t count.

You can already hold airgun matches in malls and parks.  And I’m certain the laser guns can put someone’s eye out at a much greater distance than an airgun.

Lies and Congress

First of all, I don’t see how Congress has any legitimate interest in baseball.  Secondly, very well put there in the second paragraph.

[Roger Clemons] told Congressman Waxman’s nosy committee he didn’t take steroids. Congressman Waxman disagreed, and Roger is about to go to trail for lying to Congress, a crime that could send him to federal prison for 30 years.

Please do not let this confuse you about federal law. Lying to Congress is felony. Lying in Congress is a hallowed American tradition.

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I wonder why they aren’t hauling Obama in for all the lies he’s told Congress?

Obama Needs Your 401(k) to Balance His Budget

Beware when politicians decide you have a “right” to something “for your own good,” because they are most likely agitating for something you don’t want or need, but that they want to force upon you.  In this case, the government wants more money from the masses to shore up the socialist programs it cannot afford to pay out.

Corsi said he has a letter from the Treasury Department, Bureau of Public Debt, informing U.S. citizens that the federal government is rolling out a new program called “Treasury Direct” that will allow citizens “to purchase, manage, and redeem…savings bonds” electronically, as well as offering an option to purchase such bonds automatically through payroll savings or a personal checking account. This happened to coincide nicely, according to Corsi, with a bill offered by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) to create “Automatic IRAs” that would require all employers and employees to invest in IRAs using that automatic deduction option, “whether they want to do so or not.”

And this happened to coincide also with a program being pushed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) called “Retirement USA” which would create a government-forced retirement program with assets being directed into special Treasury Retirement Bonds, or R-Bonds. “Retirement USA” is promoting the idea that all workers have a “right” to a government retirement account, in addition to Social Security and any private pension plans those workers already have in place. Others behind “Retirement USA” also support more government dependency for workers, including the AFL-CIO, the Economic Policy Institute, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and the Pension Rights Center.

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