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Cop shot by son loses suit against gun maker – The Orange County Register

Item: “Only cops should have guns”

Enrique Chavez, now 39, of Anaheim, was off-duty when he was shot on July 11, 2006, while driving his Ford Ranger near Harbor Boulevard and La Palma Avenue. His son, who was not in a car seat, got a hold of the father’s .45-caliber Glock while sitting in the back seat and shot him in the back, according to police reports.

Chavez was left paralyzed from the waist down.

In July 2008, he sued Glock, alleging that the gun’s safety was “non-existent or ineffective.”

In addition, the suit alleges negligence on the part of Uncle Mike’s, the company that made the gun’s holster; Turner Outdoorsman, the store where he bought the holster; and the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, where the officer purchased the gun.

In dismissing the suit, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kevin C. Brazile cited an “exhaustive review” of the gun’s safety conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department before a purchase.

Chavez’s attorney, Ian Herzog, argued that the LAPD review doesn’t mean the gun is actually safe.

“If you’re correct about that, it amounts to a revolution in products liability,” Herzog told the judge.

The crippled moron forgot to sue California, which has certified that the GLOCK is a safe handgun via the state’s “safe handgun law” since 2001.  Of course, the state exempted law enforcement purchases from the safe handgun law, so it’s very possible that the cop bought an “unsafe” gun, but since GLOCK makes very few models of firearms, and all their .45 caliber models were certified in 2006, his gun was most definitely legally “safe.”

The article fails to mention whether the police officer was cited for driving a child unsecured within a car seat, or whether he was cited for violating the law prohibiting allowing a child access to a firearm and the child then causes great bodily injury to someone.

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Actionable Advice from This Year’s Investment Symposium | 5 Min. Forecast

Two excellent tidbits from today’s Five.

First up, when you give central banks authority to print money out of thin air, and continually allow Congress to get away with borrowing and spending as much money as they want on whatever they want, you’ll wind up with situations where the central banks print up astonishing amounts of money to loan to the government so that the government can loan it back to the banks to bail them out and keep their corrupt ponzi scheme going.

A pop quiz to begin today’s 5, live from Vancouver: How much money did the U.S. government inject into the American “financial system” from June 30, 2009, to June 30, 2010?


$700 billion.

That’s right… the same amount promised to the financial system in TARP, back in 2008, when they were literally on the brink of destruction. Over the last 12 months, as the S&P 500 rose as much as 30% (up about 15% now, after the summer correction), evidently banks, brokers and lenders needed another $700 billion… just trust ’em… really.

“The current outstanding balance of overall federal support for the nation’s financial system… has actually increased more than 23% over the past year,” wrote TARP inspector general Neil Barofsky this week, “from approximately $3.0 trillion to $3.7 trillion — the equivalent of a fully deployed TARP program — largely without congressional action, even as the banking crisis has, by most measures, abated from its most acute phases.”

You’re supposed to feel better, we’re told, that most of the money went to Fannie, Freddie and the FHA.

And then they have these sensible and easy to implement solutions to our problem:

At the sharpened edge of this sword is Doug Casey. Here’s how he suggested the government fix itself in yesterday’s general assembly… not exactly “News at 10” material:

“What should they do? Well, I have a nice list of pointers,” Doug mulled onstage:

1. Central banks, starting with the Fed, should be abolished. They serve no useful purpose. The U.S. has 260 million ounces of gold. That can be used to back what’s left of the currency. What price, I don’t know — $10,000 an ounce?

2. Urgently disband 95% of the government. I would go all the way, but I’m a gradualist. It’s not radical — it just means going back to the original ideas of the Constitution

3. Withdraw troops from all countries around the world. End the insane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cut the military back about 95% too. All these V-2 rockets and carriers are just junk, expensive junk. Their main purpose is going to be excellent dive sites for people of the next century.

4. Abolish, totally, absolutely, the whole income tax and whole IRS.

5. U.S. government should default on the debt. That’s the honest way to handle it. They will likely do it subvertly with inflation over time, but I would prefer overtly.

“What are the chances this is going to happen? Slim to none, and slim’s out of town. It ain’t going to happen. Thus, they chose an uncontrolled collapse, not a controlled one.”

You might say “But if we lay off all these people, the economy will crash from all those people going unemployed!”  And in that case you’d be terribly wrong, because all those government employees are essentially welfare recipients, producing nothing, and living off tax dollars and deficit spending, and driving up inflation.

Laying them all off would actually benefit the economy, and all those tax dollars would be available to be spent by the producers who earned the money, rather than by the tax-takers.

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Green Jobs from the Government Not Gonna Happen

While there’s nothing wrong with people seeking “green” for the sake of it, having the government pursue a green economy will ruin us all.

As to where Mr. DeWeese got this timeless fact that “green jobs” don’t exist in the private economy, it apparently comes from “Economic lesson number one: Government regulations do not create jobs. Private industry serving the wants and needs of the consumers create jobs. Period.”

I figure that the word “period” followed by a real period was somewhat premature, as I would have added, “In fact, government and government regulations are a net economic drain and a real loser, you morons, and the more government and the more government regulations you have, the sicker and sicker the economy becomes until you wind up like we are today, where government spending is half the economy, the total tax take is almost 60% of Every Freaking Thing EFT, national debt is 95% of GDP and going up 10% a year, and everybody is broke, and if you are not buying gold, silver and oil, then something is wrong, seriously wrong, with you!”

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Top Shot season 2 now casting! | The Firearm Blog

History Channel is now casting for season 2 of the hit show Top Shot!

If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other firearm, you could win $100,000 in prizes on season 2 of History Channel’s hit competition show TOP SHOT. Producers are looking for anyone with mind-blowing shooting skills and a big personality to take on exciting physical challenges with multiple guns and mystery projectile weapons.

Hooray!  Another season!  If only they’d cut out the “reality TV Survivor-style drama,” it’d be a lot more entertaining.  I’d apply, but I think I’d be better qualified for the show described in the comments:

I’m going to start my own competition called ‘Pot Shots’, for people with pot bellies or who are just plain lazy. The first task will be the SpudGun Challenge which involves showing up at the outdoor range on a hot day at 8am after spending the night before drinking a case of beer, eating three burritos and playing COD4 until 4am. Let’s see your hand / eye co-ordination then.

Challenge 2 is an endurance classic involving driving an hour and half to an outdoor range, opening the trunk of your car and then realising that you brought your guns but left your ammo on the kitchen table at home.

Challenge 3 involves bragging about your brand new firearm, taking it to the range for the first time, it jamming after 5 shots and then having to humbly beg your friend to use his gun which you previously spent the week dissing.

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