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Hulu – Top Shot: Trick Shot Showdown

Top Shot Thoughts:

Those looked like some fun challenges!  I’m going to have to haul some clays and cans and mirrors into the gully the next time I go shooting.

On the vote: I have no idea why they didn’t nominate Denny for the elimination again, seeing as how he’s now missed spectacularly two days in a row, and they keep sending Kelly in, despite how well he performs every time he goes up.

And, it’s too bad J.J. didn’t get to shoot, again.

Hulu – Top Shot: Trick Shot Showdown – Watch the full episode now..

Riots and Civil Unrest in America, by B.B. in California

A good article about how LA fell apart during the riots in 1992:

I am writing this article not to glorify what I have seen, but perhaps to make some of you think about some unknowns. I am a U.S. Army veteran who served in the 1980s, and when I honorably discharged I was recruited into law enforcement at a termination of service briefing at Fort Irwin, California. From there I went into law enforcement in Los Angeles for over 20 years and never looked back. I am writing this article because many people are writing about living through and how to survive civil unrest (I am sorry, a riot is a riot no matter what you call it), but I don’t think many of the readers can comprehend what it is like.

The Los Angeles riots in 1992 were some of the craziest times I have ever lived through, and even my military background didn’t prepare me for what we saw. I am not here to talk politics or why the riots kicked off; I am only here to write about what I witnessed and give the readers of a glimpse of what happened from the eyes of a young man.

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Woman 2, thugs 0 after home invasion

Scary story, happy ending:

“Come on, what are you waiting for,” he told her as he started to yank on her sweatpants, trying to take them off.

Smith pleaded for her safety and distracted the attackers by telling them she would get her money, which was “in my purse.”

The robbers inexplicably allowed her to drop to her knees and crawl across the floor to her purse, which the second attacker had dropped.

She reached inside, and the first shot was clear of the muzzle and into the torso of one of the attackers before she even pulled the weapon clear of the purse. Four more shots followed shortly and, in the end, one of the attackers was dead and the second was hospitalized facing a murder rap for having participated in a felony in which someone died.

Her revolver was the perfect weapon for firing from within a purse, since a semi-automatic wouldn’t have enough room to cycle and would jam.  The revolver only needs enough room for the trigger and hammer to move.  Good thing she was able to get to it during this home invasion / robbery / rape!

via Woman 2, thugs 0 after home invasion.