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Inflation Corroded Copper Coins

Here’s a nice reminder from the Mogambo Guru on why it’s smart to hoard a bit of precious metal: because our worthless, corrupt politicians will continue to print paper money until it is as worthless as they are!

Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR) Phil S. sent an article from the Globe and Mail where I learned that inflation in Canada has been so persistently corrosive over the years that, like in America, “it now costs the Royal Canadian Mint more than a penny to make a penny, and because of penny ‘hoarding’ by Canadians, the mint has to keep making more.” Hahaha! “Hoarding”? Hahahaha!

Well, the facts seem to be that, like in America, inflation has so corroded the buying power of Canadian money that it costs one and one-half Canadian pennies to make a Canadian penny, which makes Beverley Lepine, the mint’s chief operating officer, say, “So we are into a negative situation on every penny.”

I don’t know why she seems so surprised, as this is exactly what must happen when the buying power of the currency constantly falls and falls, and so if you see Ms. Lepine, tell her I said, “Hahaha! What did you think was going to happen, you moron?” Hahahaha!

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Woman Sees Her Home Confiscated Over a Water Bill

Just a gentle reminder that the government will never go hungry, not even when it forces you to go without.

On a similar note, a friend and I are dreaming of taking over a county and repealing all property taxes and mandatory fees.  If anyone wants a service, they pay for that service.  If nothing is paid for, nothing will be provided, and the resident will do it himself, and your property will never be taken by the locality.

One raw day in early February, Vicki Valentine stood by helplessly as real estate investors snatched her West Baltimore home over what began with an unpaid city water bill of $362.

As snow threatened to fall, she watched a work crew hired by the new owners punch out the lock on her front door. A sheriff’s deputy was on the scene while Valentine and her teenage son piled whatever they could into a borrowed car.

via Woman Sees Her Home Confiscated Over a Water Bill | | AlterNet.

Public Failures And Your Big Fat Mouth

The co-worker of a buddy
applied to an internal job posting.
She told everyone she applied
(her current manager was not amused).
She told everyone
when the phone interview was.
She took that interview
at her desk.
She bungled the interview.
She didn’t pass that initial stage.
She didn’t get the job.
And everyone knew it.

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We just went through a similar experience here at work.  A fellow I work with, who very much enjoys socializing and walking around and talking with everyone about everything that’s going on with life, has been talking since last year about how he’d finally graduate from college in May of this year, and his plans to get a new job in a different industry.

As this year progressed, he was very vocal and open about jobs he was applying for, when he was taking time off to go to job fairs or for interviews, about how he was taking all his available PTO so he wouldn’t lose any when he got his new job in May after graduation, and so on and so forth.

When he found a job he liked, he told everyone he had found his job, how the hiring process was going, his expected start date, and all that.  He talked to the HR rep asking about using up all his PTO before his expected start date with his new employer.

So the management team opened his position, placed want ads, and we started interviewing.   We were racing against the clock to find and train a replacement before he quit in May, and within 2 weeks, we had found and hired his replacement, which was great… for everyone except for him.

Because he still hasn’t received an offer letter from his new employer, nor a start date.

So he overlapped with his replacement for a week, and then the company gave him two weeks notice.  Turns out, we didn’t have the budget or workload for two employees doing the same job.

So right up until today, the co-worker kept hoping to receive his new offer letter from his new employer, but he still hasn’t, and we just walked him out the door.

There might be times when you want to tell everyone about a goal in order to receive communal support and encouragement for that goal, but there will also be plenty of times when you just need to keep your big fat mouth shut until the appropriate moment.

Wharton’s “Quake” Simulation Game Shows Why Humans Do Such A Poor Job Planning For & Learning From Catastrophes

If you knew that a disaster would eventually hit your family or region, how long would you take to prepare for it?  The news is full of reports from all over the world about disasters wiping out an area, and we know that wherever we are, at least one type of disaster — and usually, several different types of disasters — could strike at any time and wipe out all services of convenience, and yet, how much food or water or clothes do you have in storage?

Meyer and Kunreuther have found that there’s nothing they can do to prevent the students from destroying themselves. Even if one of them pulls a student aside and explicitly tells her how to “win” the game—i.e., by building the strongest house possible, as quickly as possible, and then just sitting on it—the student still won’t do it, preferring to rack up those sweet interest payments.

It’s not like the students don’t know what’s coming, either. When asked if they understand what’s going on, they always say, yeah, they get it: they’re about to get hit by an earthquake. So if it’s not stupidity or ignorance, why do the students keep losing? Kunreuther and Meyer believe the game demonstrates a psychological bias toward short-term maximization instead of long-term planning—a psychological bias all humans share.

via Wharton’s “Quake” Simulation Game Shows Why Humans Do Such A Poor Job Planning For & Learning From Catastrophes, via Schneier on Security.