Monthly Archives: September 2009

We have lawn mower!

Hooray, I got the new lawnmower running just swell today!

Dude sold it super cheap because he couldn’t keep it running.  It just need the carb cleaned out and now it runs great.  6.5 horsepower, front-wheel drive, a bag, a side-discharge adapter, and a working muffler.

With the front-wheel drive, it’s so easy to push, I can push it with one hand and use the other to pick my nose.  My nose gets really runny when I mow the lawn, so that is of critical importance.


Day 9 With No Family

  • Anxiously awaited the family’s return
  • Rejoiced
  • Worked on the new lawnmower a bit
  • Attempted to make pizza; discovered the oven’s circuit breaker had tripped
  • Chowed on pizza, root beer floats (why don’t they sell Mug root beer in Utah?), watermelon, and rasberries

Day 8 With No Family

  • Installed screen into the screen door.
  • Taped the exterior screens of the basement windows; hopefully this’ll help keep out the spiders and earwigs.
  • Played with Ninja the Cat
  • Trip to the hardware store for more supplies
  • Got a cool new lawnmower
  • Feasted on a Pam’s delicious feast
  • Re-organized the garage a bit
  • Cleaned up the house a little

Day 6 With No Family

  • Cleaned the hamster cage.
  • Held a hamster funeral.
  • Took my old Infinity M30 for a spin after the battery finished charging.
  • Started building shelves in the garage, stymied by a lost stud finder.
  • Spent much time in the classifieds trying to find a decent lawnmower; found a gun for Kim instead.
  • Played some video games!