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Wasn’t slavery supposed to have ended with the 14th Amendment?

(CNN) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s swipe at federal spending to monitor volcanoes has the mayor of one city in the shadow of Mount St. Helens fuming.
Gov. Bobby Jindal says spending for the U.S. Geological Survey is questionable.

“Does the governor have a volcano in his backyard?” Royce Pollard, the mayor of Vancouver, Washington, said on Wednesday. “We have one that’s very active, and it still rumbles and spits and coughs very frequently.”

So Pollard and Washington have volcanoes, and Jindal and Louisiana do not, so how is it the folks in Washington get to take the livelihood of the folks in Louisiana to pay for the monitoring of their volcano?

The 14th Amendment says, “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;” Does this really count as due-process, Congress just passing the law?

And how about there being nothing in the Constitution or any amendment assigning to the Federal Government the responsibility of volcano monitoring, thus the expense and function being illegitimate and illegal?



Obama said his administration already has identified $2 trillion in government spending cuts that can be made over the next decade.

Obama said he would cut spending considered wasteful, and invest in programs that will help the economy recover.

Based on the kind of pork he considers necessary stimulus, I bet he’s going to cut spending on border patrol and actual Constitutional government responsibilities, and greatly expand spending in every other area.

I bet he’s going to spend on everything the government isn’t supposed to do, and treble spending on everything government at minimum has no authority to do and most likely is outright prohibited from doing… and the CNN article seems to confirm that.