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Here’s how our banking system works, in a nutshell:

  1. You deposit your money in a bank.
  2. The bank pretends like they still have your money, while loaning it out to other people and banks, buying securities and investments, and generally being much more reckless with your money than you would be.
  3. The banks over-extend themselves and run into trouble.
  4. The government steps in and “rescues” the banks and guarantees your deposits with money it takes from you via taxation.
  5. Banks loan each other all this new money and continue business as usual.

If we didn’t have a central bank (the Federal Reserve), the dodgy banks would just go out of business, and the remaining banks would have to behave respectably in order to attract customers.

But since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which set the banks up as pseudo-government entities, they get to pawn their losses off on the taxpayers and stay in business (and out of jail). And they claim they do this to protect their customers, stabilize the economy, and control inflation.

Failures at their stated goals, total success in their hidden goals.

Ah, the joys of travel

Yesterday we drove down to SLC so Becky could go to her mission reunion. We ditched the kids at Brent’s place, and drove on down to Sandy for the party. As far as going to parties where I don’t know anyone and have no desire to buddy up with people I’ve never seen before and never will again, it was a decent time.

Unfortunately, since it was German-themed, they had nasty purple cabbage stuff, nasty white vinegar potatoes, your choice of nasty sausage or yummy chicken patty, and a roll. It made me glad I went to France, where delicious food is more important than bravery.

I will say this, though: seeing such a group of people from Becky’s age group and all the other sisters there, Becky has aged very gracefully.

So that was last night. Today we drove down to Lindon, and our van broke down in American Fork. Something on the side of the engine is working loose, a belt fell off, and the engine is making all kinds of racket.

Now we have to decide where to get it repaired, have it towed, and work out at what point over the weekend I’ll go back to Logan, and how to get the family back up there if me and the van go back with the tow truck.

I sure hope I don’t have to ride with the tow truck. Like my cousins, I too suck at social situations, and I do not want to be stuck in a car with a stranger for two hours, having to put up with the small talk, which usually consists of them asking all kinds of inane questions in order to avoid awkward silences, and me giving the briefest answers possible in order to bring back the silence.

Hooray for memes!

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