Monthly Archives: April 2008

So, I wasn’t even planning on wasting hours a day…

But then I found these awesome new web comics.

Darths and Droids is a comic made from screencaps of a Star Wars movie, written from the perspective of “what if it was a role playing game.”

Irregular Webcomic is simply a comic of role playing game fun.

They’re both pretty darn funny, particularly if you’ve ever played a role-playing game. And bonus: they both have plenty of back-issues to read and catch up on to kill all that un-filled free time you have pouring out of your hands!!

Today, I ran in my comfy (black) leather boots across the parking lot. I’ve forgotten where I was going, but I think it was when I was dropped off by the shuttle at work, and I hustled to get across an intersection while the light was yellow, so I wouldn’t have to stand at the corner with all the goofy people who take public transportation.

In any case, I now have shin splints something fierce, and it’s making me walk funny.