Monthly Archives: March 2008

All my practice eyeballing everything everywhere I go has really paid off!

I totally neglected to ever write about it, but last month or the month before, I had an appointment with my optometrist. I have a pretty light prescription for farsightedness, and hardly ever even wear glasses, and normally only at night or to the opera or to a fancy picture-show.

So anyway, my whole eye appointment went well, and it turns out my vision in my left eyeball has improved! That was always my bad eye, stupid left eye, and now it’s almost normal and as good as my right eye.

I got an updated prescription, but since my vision hadn’t really changed and the optometrist didn’t have any frames I liked, I didn’t buy new glasses at that time. I’m still looking for frames I like, though, and in particular, frames that can easily be inserted onto my head while I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet.

It’s harder than you’d think to find glasses that are easy to wear under a motorcycle helmet.

So anyway, fast foward to The Present Day. Then rewind to Yesterday. My driver’s license is expiring, and I had a hot appointment with the exotic foreign chick at the DMV. She was all chatting me up, asking me all sorts of questions, and just when I was about to say, “Enough about me, let’s talk about you,” she had me start reading letters off the board hanging from the ceiling behind her.

And I read them all, no problem! Even with one eye covered and one hand behind my back! And then again with the other hand behind my back and my other eye covered!!!

I was going to offer to do it with both eyes covered and both hands behind my back, but didn’t want to move too fast.

So instead, she took my picture, and promised to send me something in the mail in a few weeks.

I can’t wait! And I’m stoked that once again, I get a driver’s license that does not say “needs prescription lenses.”

Thoughts on moving…

For a few months, I thought it’d be really cool to get a job in Utah and move out there and buy a house. It seemed like the perfect plan.

But then I remembered how, when I was a kid living in Layton, UT, I thought the summers were miserable hot, and how the winters were miserable cold. I remember, every season, wishing it was the opposite season.

And then I realized if we moved to Utah, the motorcycle season would actually be a season, instead of a year-round thing like it is here, seeing as how I ride in the rain and cold, but not in snow or over ice.

I decided it’s much better to save up a bit and buy a house and stay here.

But then California went and did this and this.

That’s like the second or third time CA has launched organized gun confiscations. And requiring credentials for home schooling? Suffering succotash!!!

Smartest One-Year-Old EVAR

This morning we were all getting ready for church. Becky had gotten Veronica dressed first of all, so she was just walking around, looking at everyone else. She came over and watched me at my dresser, and noticed I was getting socks out of my sock drawer.

So she walked over to the closet, and came back a little while later with one of my black leather shoes, the shoes I only wear on Sunday to church.

I thought that was pretty spiffy, so I thanked her and asked her to go get the other. She walked into the closet, and came back a few seconds later with the other shoe!

Then I sat down and she helped me put them on. What a great little girl.