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Thank you Kim, for driving my blog into the ground.

Just when I was about to bust out with all sorts of interesting and creative new content, I instead did this:

Which Office Character Are You?

You are Ryan. You are extremely smart and perceptive, and it irritates you to no end when inferior people try to tell you what to do. Sometimes, though, your critical eye makes you come off as aloof and bitter to others, and it may take awhile for people to get to know you.
Find Your Character @

Wind and Sails

I logged into my CafePress account today, because I’m updating and wanted to see what my store was up to, and see if there were any handy new tools for integrating the store into my site.

I was utterly delighted to see that there was a Recent Order noted, until I took a good look at it.

ยป Recent Personal Orders

October 27, 2003
#5622288 : Shipped

Sadly, no one has ordered anything since I last bought a T-shirt for myself. However, I am certain that will change as soon as the Gut is my Co-Pilot bumper sticker catches on.

Funky fashions

Leslie says she wants to be a lawyer so she can wear a fancy suit. That’s a great reason and all, but I’m not sure how long she’d be able to stick to sensible fashions.

As a side note, I wanted to show her a few blogs by law school grads who went into the law industry, and found that it wasn’t nearly as fun or glamorous as they thought.

The first is Opinionistas. She went through the typical lawyering path: undergrad, then law degree & bar, then working her way up in a huge firm with the goal of becoming partner. What she found was a bizarro-land of ego trips, pecking orders, maximized billing hours, and practically no life outside the firm and its social circle under penalty of poor performance reviews and ostracization. She was so disturbed by the lifestyle that she went for counseling, and was told to write about her experiences for therapy, and started the blog. Go back into the early archives and read forward.

That’s really the only legal-type blog I’ve read much of, but some of her links look interesting: Barely Legal Blog, about two law school students, and this Anonymous Law Firm really puts it (the job & lifestyle) in perspective.

Anyway, I forgot what I was going to post about. Good thing I had already typed a descriptive title!!!

When I first came back to the Big Campus at work, I discovered that the current trend in women’s suits is suits with shorts slacks. Or slack shorts, or whatever they’re called. There’s probably some specific term for the suits and/or shorts, but I’d have to be a woman or completely gay to know what it is.

Anyway, I quickly forgot about those dopey looking suits until I saw another woman this morning, walking around in a complete shorts suit made of dark mohagony corduroy and wrote a note to get myself to blog about it. It was quite a bit uglier than this outfit, but no less goofy looking, and the woman didn’t look like a model, either.

I’ve even seen one woman walking around in just the shorts with a blouse, but the shorts were cuffed. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, not that Leslie would ever fall for such stupid fashions, but it’s better to be out of the environment so as to avoid contamination. For my part, I stay away from the buildings with the lawyers, HR, and marketing folks. The engineering people never even try to match their clothes, much less keep up with the cutting edge fashions of each season.

Brand New Adages

I’ve been reading some Benjamin Franklin, thanks to a fantastic(ly) late birthday present from my sister, and after a profound experience today, have decided to make up adages.

Ben published Poor Richard’s Almanac for many-a decade, and in there he’d print all sorts of facts, made-up stories, wise old sayings, and new sayings he’d just made up. Stuff like: A penny saved is a penny earned. If you will not hear reason, she’ll surely rap your knuckles. He who lives on hope dies farting. For age and want, save while you may; no morning sun lasts a whole day.

All that stuff sounds like great wisdom, but I bet when he first said it, it sounded like any dumb new saying. Same with all that Confusious stuff.

So I’ve decided I’m going to start canonizing my own pearls of wisdom, and fully expect that they’ll become wise old adages at some point in the future, which people will declare to one another and while nodding in acknowledging agreement.

So today, when I ate popcorn and got a little bit stuck between my teeth. So today’s pearl of wisdom is:

He who eats popcorn, risks a morsel ‘tween the teeth.

Feel free to use that at parties, social gatherings, or whenever you are instructing youth.