Monthly Archives: July 2007

Some trip facts

As you may or may not know, we just returned from a two and a half week trip to Utah. Here are some random facts from the trip:

  1. Total time spent on the trip: Two and a half weeks.
  2. Total miles traveled: 2,892
  3. Average fuel economy of our 1997 Honda Odyssey minivan: 24 mpg, with a low of 21 mpg on one tank, and two highs of 27 mpg while crossing Nevada.
  4. Kim takes tons of photos with her camera sideways.
  5. Nearly every bathroom in Utah has a defective door or lock. Or maybe it’s just my relatives who have funky bathroom doors, but even from when I was a kid, I remember all the houses had strict “don’t try the knob if the door is closed” policies because the bathrom door locks didn’t work.
  6. Total number of rounds fired: ’bout 2,500
  7. Total number of clay pigeons launched: ’bout 300
  8. Total number of clay pigeons busted: ’bout 80, not counting the ones that blew up in the launcher or on the ground.

That’s it for now – more to come later.

Trip Highlights

Kim’s gotta be the sassiest shotgunner I’ve ever seen. Here she is shooting something out of the sky, and she looks like she’s just tossing her hips at Jack Bauer. But look at that face – 110% hard, steeled against the recoil.