Monthly Archives: January 2007

News about ME

No, I don’t mean news about Maine.

On Sunday, I was released from my calling as Sunday School teacher, and called as the ward membership clerk.

Except, they didn’t call a new teacher yet, so I’ll keep doing that until they do.

So soon, instead of hauling a big bag of books to church every week, I’ll be able to bring just my slick little iPaq, with all the books loaded onto it in microscopic electronic form!

Janitorial Controversy

So, even though our company was acquired by another company about 4 months ago, and we all got badges that open the doors with cardreaders, and technicians have been here for the last two weeks or so installing cardreaders on all the doors and changing all the locks, FOH never thought to have the janitors get badges so they could get into the building after the cardreaders were turned on.

So today, we came to work to find all our garbages still full, and the big pile of flattened boxes, pallets, and packing material I labeled “basura” on Friday still piled up by the back door.

Now she’s all in a huff trying to get the janitors through our employer’s security system so they can get badges and access to the building, or to get them to come down while someone is still here to let them in the building.

New Year’s Resolutions

Well, I accomplished my first New Year’s Resolution.

I mailed the Motorola phone software to Kooper, along with the full season of Brisco County Jr. I’ve been longing to get around to that since at least October of last year. Sending the software, I mean. I haven’t been longing to send her the Brisco DVDs very long – we barely finished watching them last week!

Since that was my only resolution, I can pretty much skate through the rest of the year. Go me!

Commuter racing

On the way to work this morning, I saw this Chrysler Sebring. It was remarkable, because not only did it have the standard trunk lid spoiler, it also had a super-extra fancy bolt-on spoiler. I guess he doesn’t get enough downforce in the Wendy’s drive-through with the stocker to pull those multi-G turns .

All I know is, even though his car could pull away from me, I always caught up when my lane sped up and his slowed down.