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My kind of hero

I am The Hulk
You are a wanderer with amazing strength.

Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man

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Huh. Looks like I could have been Spiderman, too. In fact, my spidey sense says I’m more Spidey-like than Hulk-like. Although, I am a wanderer with amazing strength. So who am I to argue with the scientific results of an Internet Superhero Personality Test?

Why I Blog

The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time.
– George Bernard Shaw


Wait… I guess that’s more what I blog about than a reason why… hmm.

Mine eyes

I had an eye appointment this noon. I almost missed it, because I was so engrossed in moving around my piles of garbage. Luckily, I had walked back to my desk for some reason, looked at my monitor, and saw the meeting reminder on the screen.

So I hustled over, and had a nifty little eye exam. I have great peripheral vision, and my prescription hasn’t changed in three years – I’m still just slightly nearsighted.

But since it’s been two years since I last got glasses, I get a new pair, yippee!!

I’d been dreaming about getting new glasses for a while, especially late last year. I lost my regular glasses for about a month, when I accidentally put them in a bag of Christmas presents, which I then hid until a few days before Christmas. Boy was I excited to find my glasses when I got the stuff out to wrap – it was just like Christmas!

Since I didn’t need “new” glasses, I just wanted to get different glasses. I normally only wear them at night, or when I need to see far – like while shooting, when protective glasses are really useful. So I combined it all, and got a pair of Safety glasses with polycarobonate lenses and Transitions coating, so they’ll be sunglasses-y in the day, and clear at night. That’ll be handy when I’m riding my motorcycle around dusk, because it’s really hard to stop and change from sunglasses to normal while riding, and if we’re taking a long car trip, I’ll only need to pack one pair instead of two.

So I’ll still wear my non-prescription Oakleys most of the daytime, my new glasses for special occasions, and my fancy old glasses when the occasion calls for some class.

It’ll be SOOOO spiffy!

Garbage piled ever higher

Today, I didn’t think I had much to do, so I decided to re-arrange the humongous garbage piles over by the Emergency Exit, which used to be our shipping and receiving door, and the door I could come and go through, and sneak out through to do stuff with my family. But now that it’s an emergency door, it has a Very Loud Alarm, and we are never supposed to open it unless not opening it would cause us greater bodily harm than just going deaf.

Some of the piles already went all the way up to the ceiling, but a few didn’t, so I stacked those to save on floorspace. Then I got all the rest of the empty boxes, collapsed them, and stacked them. I put as much loose stuff into plastic bags as I could easily pick up.

When I was done, it looked like this:

That’s kinda hard to see for scale, and blends together, so I put my water bottle (circled) on top of the pile of foam padding in the back. The pile of cardboard in the front comes up to my ribcage, and I’m no oompa-loompa. Here’s a cock-eyed view of the trashroom:

Fun, fun, all because the janitors can’t get in.

Today I asked the FOH why she doesn’t just tell the workplace resources that we need janitorial service – they already serve every building in the company except for ours. Her reply boils down to: she likes having something to do. With her controlling the janitors, she gets to call them and complain, request service, know what’s going on, and maybe other reasons – I started to zone out. She seemed mad that I asked, like I was attacking her exclusive domain.

You guys are right about her just wanting a friend, and her other biggest desire is to be needed. She used to be the Executive Admin, but after we were bought out, the executives all left. So now she sits in her small admin cube next to a big, empty, executive cube, on the days she comes in. I think all she has left to do is: Control the janitors, pass out incoming mail, and order food from Costco to keep the breakroom stocked.

And our company has departments that pass out mail and keep the breakroom stocked.