Monthly Archives: December 2006

Fat Old Hag loves babies

On the subject of the birth of Veronica, talking to the people at work about it was one of the things I was not looking forward to. I had told hardly anyone about it, only mentioning it to my boss as justification for taking time off.

So, hardly anyone knew, and since Cisco bought us, time-off requests no longer go through the Fat Old Hag, she didn’t even know I was going to be out of the office. And what she doesn’t know, she can’t talk to me about.

So, everything was looking good. Except, after the baby was born, I sent an e-mail to my boss about it, and he forwarded it to everyone in the company.


So when I went back to work, people were congratulating me and asking questions, and I got to tell the same story over and over. I felt like this:

And what’s worse, the FOH adores babies, and so she came over a bunch of times asking for pictures, asking about the birth, asking about baby details, and asking all sorts of bizarre follow-up questions. I don’t know how women come up with the bizarre follow-up questions, I can only imagine they are caused by a chain reaction between hormonal imbalance and women’s intuition.

Ugh. So now that I’ve had a baby, she thinks I’m really cool again, and wants to see pictures and stand in my cube making faces.

Luckily, I still have my noise-cancellation headphones, and can pretend like I can’t hear her.

Controversial opera

It’s funny how easy it is to toss certain circles onto their ear. And by circles, I mean fat opera singers.

Not too long ago, a tenor sang off key or something, and someone booed, and he got all mad and stormed offstage.

Now, that by itself is fodder for endless opera-fan gossip, but what adds controversy to squabble is that the replacement guy who ran onstage wasn’t even the next-in-line-to-run-onstage-in-case-the-main-guy-cried-and-ran-offstage!!!!!

Stranger things have happened, I’m sure, but we’ll be hard pressed to move past an occurence of such epic opera proportions. The only thing I find harder to believe is that there is a blog called “Opera chic.”


Due to her overwhelming quantity of quality content, and for mentioning me on her blog, Sha’Niqua now has a special place in my alphabetically sorted list of favorite blogs.

I hope to receive a few dollars from her for every click-through, so stop reading my blog and go read hers!


Today I was driving around with the kids, and had the following conversation:

Me: Hey look, there’s the place we got Becky’s new ring!
Ivon: Oh yeah, I remember that.
Amy: Can I get a new ring?
Me: Some day, you’ll fall in love with a boy and he’ll buy you a ring.
Maggie: And if she doesn’t like it, he’ll be slapped!