Monthly Archives: August 2006

Yet another work rant

Ok, so the falling apart old lady wants a clean office environment. I understand that, and I completely identify with it.

I also understand that since I sit in a cubicle at the end of the hall, and have a bunch of boxes to ship stuff with, it could be assumed that I put all the boxes there, even though I didn’t – most of them appeared when I wasn’t here.

But why does she expect that I am behind the placement of every box and object throughout the office? Just because I put something that I want to ship in the front lobby, doesn’t mean I put everything else in the lobby. How would I know where the random empty tool boxes and plastic bins came from? If I was shipping them, wouldn’t I have boxed them up and put shipping labels on them just like everything else I ship out?

And no, since I didn’t make the other random piles of stuff in the general office area, and I sit at the end of the hall facing away from everyone else, I didn’t happen to see who put it there, and I don’t know whether they wanted it tossed or not.

And on a seperate note, I had three piles of garbage to toss. I had written “trash” on them, but that wasn’t good enough. She has sticky-note things that say “Trash / Basura” on them, and had me stick those on the piles. And then when it was decided that we’d throw all the trash in Bob’s truck and haul it to the old building to toss, why did she think she needed to stand there and point to my piles of garbage and tell me what to take? Did I not just tell her what was garbage and what was not? Do they not have both stickers and handwritten marker on them indiciating that they are garbage? Did I not put write on them and put the stickers on and tell her that I was throwing that stuff away? Why would I suddenly forget and leave it behind?

And please, why doesn’t she get out of the doorway while we’re carrying all this stuff out the door? Is it so interesting to watch that it’s worth standing in the way and getting bumped with cardboard boxes?

Oh well. I other news, it seems Kim isn’t coming out to camp, and we are all highly dissappointed. Her blog will be even thinner, with less posts about her life to link to, I guess.

A Washington DC story

Found in the Reader’s Digest; thought Kim would appreciate it:

Unimpressed with the prices he found at a one-hour photo shop outside Washington D.C., a customer asked where he might find a better deal on a head shot.
“Go to a theatre. There’s a booth there,” I said.
“Oh,” said the man, recoiling. “That sounds dangerous.”

Who dresses these people?

Today, while driving down the street, I saw a woman walking along the sidewalk, wearing a bizarre array of strappy tops.

Unable to tear my eyes away, I counted 3 pairs of straps, 6 straps total:

  • A black bra, underneath it all.
  • Some kind of sports bra or something, I forget what color it was, red maybe.
  • And a pink tube-top type thing with spaghetti straps.

But the odd part wasn’t so much the contrasting colors, but that every set of straps went a different direction. She daringly defied the common practice of starting with thin straps and build up from there, with the outtermost layer being the widest, so that it covers all the other straps. I’m kinda surprised she wasn’t wearing a choker.

I can only imagine the calamity that would ensue were grab the wrong strap when removing her backpack.