Monthly Archives: July 2006

Blogging by proxy

So, Kim’s back from her other trip. Supposedly, she has all kinds of interesting things to blog about from that trip, and stuff that’s happened since.

But, we all know she won’t write about it. So, here’s what she needs to write about next:

That she’s about to go on another trip, and promise to blog about it after it’s over.

That’s it. No pressure. Just a simple update to keep her loyal readers happy. She doesn’t even have to blog about it after it’s over.

Go Kim!

Even his wallet is fat!

The other night, the fat guy left his wallet in a conference room. Here it is, pictured next to mine, and a Sanford UniBall Vision – Fine pen, for scale. As you can see, it towers above my skinny little wallet, and indeed, appears to be about to eat the pen, my wallet, and anything else within reach, just like its owner.

The Fantastic Four

Not having previously seen The Fantastic Four, we rented it this week. This is my review.

I’m still not conviced Jessica Alba can act. Her appearances seem to hinge around her making faces at the other actors. Ben Grimm reminded me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For a superhero movie, it devoted way too much time to cheesy emotional conflict, and not enough time to cool hero special effects. Particularly since there will probably not be a sequel with more action.

And, that’s about it.