Monthly Archives: January 2006

A new forum for my links list

Yesterday I discovered a fantastic new forum: Park Cities Tactical. Populated with people particular to HK firearms, it is home to The Cult of the P7.

German gun maker HK designed the P7 series late in the 1970’s, and is unique in that the gun is cocked by squeezing the grip. Most semi-automatic handguns are cocked by working the slide, or by a long trigger pull. But by putting a squeeze lever on the front of the grip, HK was able to give the P7 a super light and crisp trigger, and avoid the need for any external safeties.

When you squeeze the grip, you can fire, and when you release the grip, it decocks the gun, and it will not fire.

Because of the gun’s unique action, it is one of those types that galvanize gun owners – they either love it, or hate it. And after 25 years of production, HK is reportedly pulling the gun from production, causing much consternation among fans.

Which is why I’m happy to have found that forum – it’s full of good information about the great P7.

Happy Trogday

It’s been three short years… Happy Trogday!!!

On an unrelated note, every time I empty a water bottle, I crush it, and put the lid back on. This accomplishes two things: 1) saves storage space wherever it happens to be stored, 2) prevents the empty bottle from rolling around.

Just a little while ago, the water bottle on my desk was nigh-empty, (or, not nearly full for you optimists), so I decided to crush the bottle as I poured the water into my mouth, thereby both crushing and emptying the bottle at once, and then put the cap back on, and drop it into my bag.

Good plan, eh?

It started out well enough, except that my lips weren’t in on the plan, and sealed around the mouth of the bottle. When I squeezed it, it shot the water into my mouth, and then a bunch of air!!! Since my esophogus was in “drink” mode, the air couldn’t shoot into my lungs, and instead filled the back of my throat, and then pushed up and out my nose.

Boy was that a surprise!

Uh, don’t tell anyone I told you this story. Thanks.

Laughing at a silly person

So today, as it was raining, I decided to drive to work, so I could bail all the excess water out of the footwells before the car got too full. I stopped by a donut shop on the way, and picked up two dozen assorted, and then headed towards the freeway.

On the way there, I pulled into an intersection layed out thusly: two left turn lanes (of which I was in the rightmost turn lane), and two lanes going straight. I was behind a large handicap shuttle bus, and as we pulled to a stop at the light, I saw a woman in an early ’90’s Corolla pull out of a driveway to the right, directly towards the handicap shuttle, and stop, broadside, blocking the two straight lanes.

She was talking on her cell phone, and shuffling papers with her other hand, and taking notes or something. Amazed at how she would happily stop in the middle of the road and do something besides drive, I noticed that not only was her front bumper jacked up, but her hood was creased, and open about two inches.

I wondered – is this the sort of driving that got her into an accident in the first place?

Anyway, the light turned green, and I waved her in front of me. She wiggled three of her cell-phone fingers at me, pulled in, and we got into the freeway.

As my car is hideously slow, she pulled away, and I didn’t catch up until a few miles later. She was tooling along in the slow lane at about 55 mph, hazard lights blinking, steering with one hand, and holding a huge Starbux cup in the other.

My question to you is – why do I keep driving a car that dumps boiling hot water on my feet?

Finished my first book of the year!

Today I knucked down, and finished my first book of the year, Ghostville Elementary #7 – Hide-and-Spook, by Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey (2004). It’s a book about children attending Sleepy Hollow Elementary, their classroom being in the basement, where the ghosts are. In this issue, Cassidy learns the value of friendship and skillz, as she attempts to avoid being embarrased in P.E., escape the class pest, teach the janitor how to use a computer, and avoid the curse of an ancient doll. Is there really nothing she’s good at?

It was an entertaining read.

I also just wanted to say that I learned the value of being snarky. Good things come to those who snark!