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Sig P320 promo video

This really is a fantastic gun!

I migrated from the default GLOCK 19, which I didn’t like because the grip was a little too blocky to fit my hands, to a Walter PPQ, which fit my hands wonderfully but really annoyed me with the trigger-safety-prong, to the Sig P320.

The P320 has a comfortably rounded grip, smooth-faced trigger, and is just right in every way.

Love it.

Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo – An Epic Torture Test

Here’s something I just stumbled upon: Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo – An Epic Torture Test.

 Here’s what we did:

  • We acquired four identical Bushmaster AR-15 rifles.  We chose the Bushmaster MOE Series AR-15 because it’s a widely available, affordable, and mass-market.  We didn’t want something too cheap and of lower quality or something too expensive and of high quality since our goal is to help the most number of people.
  • We acquired 10,000 rounds each of the following ammunition (new production):Federal 55gr – Brass-Cased – Copper Jacket
  • Wolf 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Polymer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket (steel and copper)
  • Tula 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Polymer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket (steel and copper)
  • Brown Bear 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Lacquer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket(steel and copper)
  • We paired each ammunition type with a specific Bushmaster AR-15 and then fired all 10,000 rounds of it through that particular carbine (except for Tula)

Basically, the copper-jacketed Federal was much kinder to the bore and action, but the steel-jacketed Wolf, Tula, and Brown Bear are so much cheaper that you can afford to replace your barrel and other parts every 5,000 rounds as they wear out.

Oh, and Tula wouldn’t cycle the Bushmaster but worked fine in a Spike’s carbine.


This is why we don’t believe them when they say they “don’t want to take our guns”

Sure, they’ll claim to support the Second Amendment and assert that they don’t want to take our guns… but every once in a while they accidentally tell the truth:

We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate….

They [gun owners] don’t care about the bad guys. All they want to do is have their little guns and do whatever they want with them.

via Open Mic Catches Dems’ Plot to Confiscate Guns, Diss Owners.

Seen at the Gunsmithing Shop: Use the Safety, But Don’t Rely On It!

Safety tip from The Firearm Blog:

I noticed that the owner had installed an aftermarket AR-15 style stock using a bolt from a hardware store. A bolt that was just a bit too long. A bolt that hit the “Y” shaped safety connector and pushed it forward, snapping off the metal tail on the trigger as the stock was tightened down. I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that installing a tactical stock improperly could break the safety. And that’s why we follow the multiple, redundant, carefully thought out rules of firearms safety.

Safeties can break, so make sure all your gun handling is safe.

via Seen at the Gunsmithing Shop: Use the Safety, But Don’t Rely On It! | The Firearm Blog.

Things Not To Do With Your Shotgun

When a pump shotgun doesn’t want to pump, a tried and true redneck method of forcing it to open up is to grab the pump and only the pump, point the barrel at the sky and smack the buttstock on the ground as hard as you can. This is called “mortaring” the shotgun. Yeee haww! That’ll properly punish the gun for doing the thing we bragged was impossible. “Mortaring” usually violates several rules of firearms safety at once and for that reason alone it should not be done. For those who require further persuasion, I present to you Gunsmith’s Exhibit A, an otherwise very nice Winchester 97 takedown that angered its owner by refusing to open after a spent hull became lodged in the chamber.

Pictures and story at:

via Seen at the Gunsmithing Shop–Why Not to “Mortar” Your Pump Shotgun | The Firearm Blog.