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Movie Reviews In One Word

I adore Amy Adams…

But I’m not getting the Lois Lane vibe from her.  She’s too cutsey to be a hard-nosed reporter.

Man Of Steel, however, is a fantastic movie.  It’s the first live-action film to pull off a super-strength battle on the Superman scale as well as the animated films did.

It has problems of course, (one of the biggest being my persistent complaint that Hollywood seems to have fired the only cameraman capable of holding the camera steady and can’t find budget to buy a Steadicam) but it’s miles ahead of the last couple Superman movies.

How Captain America Should Have Ended

Sure, the Cap’n had to crash into the ice so that he could wake up in modern times, but all throughout the movie I think Hollywood overestimated how frequently advisers and commanders are out on the front lines of an active battle.

But yeah, the whole “bombs are mini-airplanes with destinations written in English” was pretty lame.  Why couldn’t he jettison the last bomb and let the jet fly somewhere convenient?

How Captain America Should Have Ended – YouTube.