On September 23, 2013, in Poetry, by Mike


I wake up

and realize where I am

and who I am

and who I could be

if I tried.

Then I become frustrated.

But I live on anyway.


Before I woke up

I dreampt…

of what I could be,

and how glorious that would be

to be like that,

then I get hopeful

and I live on.


Old poems

On September 22, 2013, in Poetry, by Mike

I found an old book of poems I wrote years ago and I’ll be editing and posting them here.

Don’t expect to be dazzled and you won’t be disappointed.


Protips for Busy People

On June 17, 2013, in Random, by Mike

Protip: You know how milk and runny food spilled on a table runs down the side and drips off but some sticks to the bottom of the table and dries because you never wiped it off?

Hit that with a power sander and it cleans right up.


Everyday things I personally invented:

Turning on the faucet and holding my hand beneath the water flow while drinking the water just as quickly as it comes out so that none is wasted and no cups get dirty.

Plus, it’s how the warriors drank from streams in the old days when they had to be ready for attack at any minute.

My kids are no less likely to spring upon me should they catch me unawares.

I adore Amy Adams…

On June 15, 2013, in MRIOW, by Mike

But I’m not getting the Lois Lane vibe from her.  She’s too cutsey to be a hard-nosed reporter.

Man Of Steel, however, is a fantastic movie.  It’s the first live-action film to pull off a super-strength battle on the Superman scale as well as the animated films did.

It has problems of course, (one of the biggest being my persistent complaint that Hollywood seems to have fired the only cameraman capable of holding the camera steady and can’t find budget to buy a Steadicam) but it’s miles ahead of the last couple Superman movies.